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Mike Leon

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Can We Please Talk?

Mike is a Rutgers journalism graduate, with 20+ years of TV, radio & digital media experience, including production stops in news & sports, from Fox News to ESPN to MSG Networks (to name a few).  

He is the host of the Can We Please Talk? podcast, a top 200 news commentary podcast in the U.S. that breaks down the latest headlines, featuring interviews with award-winning journalists, current & former government officials, historians, legal analysts, best-selling authors & more.  On the show, Mike has covered topics such as the war in Ukraine, mass shootings in America, immigration issues at the U.S. southern border, racial inequalities & more.  He has also done contribution work on MSNBC & Fox News political panels.

In addition to his news pod, Mike has done spokesperson work for companies and hosted two successful sports podcasts on the popular sports site  One was called ‘Check The Stats’, an interview series with former & current players, coaches, scouts, trainers & broadcasters across sports, to discuss their use of sports stats as part of their profession.  The other was the ‘NFL/College Football Data Day’ show, a college football & NFL preview show on The Analyst’s site & Youtube channel. 

Mike Leon Host Reel

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